SCRM Program of the Year Awards

Award Description

Award Goals: Supply chain risk management (SCRM) helps organizations proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risk across their supply network. The SCRM Program of the Year awards are designed to showcase riskmethods customers who have mastered SCRM in their organizations. 

Award Categories

We encourage customers to apply with their specific topic for the SCRM Program of the Year Award. Please apply to the category that best suits your organization and accomplishments. This year, we have seven award categories, including: 

  • Time-to-Value – Implementing supply chain risk management can seem like a daunting task, so organizations need to have full buy-in to see the best results. The “Time to Value” award is for an organization who was able to quickly initiate, plan and execute a successful SCRM program rollout with high levels of organizational buy-in showing immediate business impact.  For this category there is one finalist.
  • Mid-Size enterprise Adoption for EMEA & NA – Managing supply chain risk is critical for companies of all sizes to master – not just large enterprises. Mid-sized enterprises have limited resources, so leveraging accurate and timely data with an automated process is critical. The “Mid-Size Enterprise” award goes to an organization that has realized the value of a robust SCRM program. For this category there is a finalist for each region.
  • Large enterprise Adoption for EMEA & NA – Building a supply chain risk management program takes time, especially when there are multiple divisions/groups/business units within a large global enterprise across many regions or locations. System-wide adoption is becoming of a standard practice for many organizations. The “Enterprise-Wide Adoption” award goes to an organization who has successfully scaled their SCRM program, ensuring a “total view of risk” into their supply network”. For this category there is a finalist for each region.
  • SCRM for Non-Manufacturing – While SCRM started as a way to help manufactures monitor suppliers, they aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of managing external risk. Whether you call it vendor, third-party or supplier it doesn’t matter – enterprises of all industries need to efficiently scale their risk management programs. The “SCRM for Non-Manufacturing” award goes to an organization that isn’t a traditional manufacturer but has recognized and achieved the value of an efficient, scalable risk management program that considers all types of risk. For this category there is one finalist.
  • SCRM Digital Transformation – Aligning people, process and technology is the heart of any digital transformation initiative, with some organizations taking it to the next level. The “Digital Transformation” award is for an organization who has truly used innovation in the construction of their SCRM program to become a digital supply chain leader. Considerations for this award include the ability to demonstrate how integrated and unified SCRM is within the organizations (This includes interfaces into/out of riskmethods across wider enterprise systems – e.g., BI tools, Supplier Management, S2P, PLM systems, other data systems). For this category there is just one finalist.
  • Crisis Risk Management Leader – When it comes to changes that shape our world, natural disasters or geopolitical challenges that take shape in days, weeks or months can completely transform how supply chains work globally for years to come. Some of these events like COVID 19 and the recent war in Ukraine demonstrate these impacts all too clearly. How organizations leverage their SCRM programs to pivot and reshape their supply chains is critical to building a strong foundation. This award goes to the organization that has demonstrated extraordinary success, resilience and leadership during a crisis (e.g., natural disaster, act of terrorism/war). For this category there is just one finalist.
  • SCRM Wild Card – Organizations often take different approaches to solving the same challenges – a true maverick or wild card. Every organization’s needs are unique, which means supply chain risk management programs need to be customized based on what that particular enterprise’s goals. Those organizations that can think “out of the box” or “do things a little differently” or “walk to the beat of a different drum” often find success where others have failed. The SCRM Wild Card award goes to the organization that manages SCRM in the most unique or interesting way in comparison to their peers. For this category there is just one finalist.

Don’t see a category to match your use case? Please submit your application anyway! We are open to new criteria and categories. 

Award Criteria

For all applicants for the SCRM Program of the Year Award, we are providing a questionnaire with a standardized set of questions. We request that you use only this submission form for your basic application. You may include supporting documents (SCRM program outline, objectives, examples, graphs, charts) with your submission, but please do not exceed five (5) pages. Digital submissions only. 

If you feel that you qualify for several categories, please note this at the top of your submission. Our judges may get back to you to clarify your status. 

  • All questions on the form must be answered.
  • Applicants should have a strong understanding of the product, have had successful implementation and usage of The riskmethods Solution™, and are open to sharing their insights with the larger community at one of our 2022 SCRM Summits.

Should you have any questions, just ask! We are eager to hear from you. 

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