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Why attend SCRM Summit 2022?

Supply chains are under pressure from a series of extreme events in short succession. Shortages of critical components and materials are magnified by surges in demand. The supply chain crisis is marked by growing uncertainty coupled with urgency. How can businesses predict what’s next? The search is on for ways to create greater supply chain stability and resilience.

Strengthening supplier relationships is key to transparency. Visibility into sub-tiers is based on reciprocity, so all partners benefit from the relationship and increased risk awareness

Transparency across the supply network into the sub-tiers allows you to identify risk before it becomes critical, and can help turn uncertainty into outcomes.

Integrated, digitalized supply networks empower procurement and supply chain professionals to manage risk in a new era.

Using advanced tools helps you proactively anticipate threats and stay ahead of risk to minimize disruption.

Why attend Pre-Event Dinner?​

We hope you will join riskmethods and your peers for an unforgettable networking dinner the evening before the event, September 20 at 7:00PM
Stay tuned for more details as the event gets closer!​

Please do not forget to register for the networking dinner.​

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